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Book & Run Programs

We've got your special events covered

From holidays, conventions, trade shows, corporate anniversaries, or volunteer events, you can use these opportunities to increase your brand exposure. Take the pressure off yourself of having to collect sizes and color choices from participants. Let MMI provide your target audience with a user-friendly website where they can choose from a selection of branded merchandise specifically chosen for your event. At the end of the ordering window, all orders will be placed in bulk and shipped directly to each recipient.

Loyalty Programs

We can help you show appreciation to your loyal employees

Rewarding employees with merchandise provides an emotional connection and increases engagement. Employee recognition doesn't have to be just another plaque to hang on the wall. Give your valued employees something that will make them feel special. Recognition can change employee behavior and help attract and retain good talent. Consider employee recognition as a strategic management tool to achieve your business objectives. We take the time to get to know your company and employees so we can partner with you in offering innovative gifts that show appreciation and encourage loyalty.


Recognition from managers was rated the top motivator for performance, beating out other non-cash and financial incentives.


When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, more than half of the respondents replied “Give recognition.”


Companies with strategic recognition have a lower turnover rate than companies without any recognition program.

Points Programs

Let us help you motivate your sales force to achieve business objectives

Consider offering a user-friendly website that incorporates premium merchandise to reward and incentivize your team to reach, and surpass, their goals. We can upload accumulated points that you provide to us into our system that will display on the rewards site once the recipient logs in. From there, they may use their points to select from name brand items. They even have the option of buying up, if they don't have enough points to acquire that perfect item.

Specialty Packaging, Kitting & Seasonal Gifts

We'll give you ideas so you can leave a lasting impact

MMI has been providing creative solutions for corporate and personal gift giving since 1984. Because of our powerful alliance with local, national and international manufacturers, we can transform a gift into a memorable souvenir. We will design a solution around your specific needs and budgets, offering custom packaging that can incorporate your branded items. Our goal is to not only create a significant first impression, but also to help leave a lasting impact. We are focused on merchandising your brand, not just branding merchandise for you. Your gifts should be recognized for their “wow factor!” We can be your partners in creating such an experience.

QuantityThink big, think small, think inside the box and think out! Pick your product quantities and we can box them togehter and send to as many locations as you can fit in a spreadsheet.

CustomizeShow your customers how valuable they are to you. Kitting is a great way to give recognition and show your appreciation.

ProcessWe will work with you to choose the best products for your project. After bringing them to MMI from one of our many vendors, our warehouse will put together your unique kit to leave your customers wanting more!

PromoteHave an event? Kits are a great way to send multiple and useful products home with your target market.

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